I was talking to one of my favourite Millennials recently. We were exchanging thoughts about jobs and careers, and in particular career paths and trajectories. I’d been encouraging this individual to look into different career paths, different jobs that might fulfill more of a sense of purpose for them.


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Am I a good listener? I thought I was. I may not have super skills in every area of life (changing tires on my car, clearly!) but I thought ‘listening’ was one of them.

I am a thoughtful person, a compassionate person. I like to think of myself as empathetic.

Do you ever send an email out and you wish you’d thought about it first?

Do you ever find yourself having second thoughts about your emails?

I do, quite frequently!

Now, I am a careful type. I don’t fire out the first thing that comes to mind. I check and…

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What is one technique that farmers practice that requires no labour?

A technique that allows equipment to be left in the shed, fertilizer and soil enhancers to be left in storage?

Fallowing a Field

The practice of fallowing a field.

It’s a practice where a field is left for one year (or more)…

Bryn Snow

Freelance Writer — Lifestyle | Wellness | Leadership

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